La Cantante de Tango: the film shoot

If you were wondering why some of the familiar faces did not show up at this weekend’s milongas, this is the reason: we were at Diego Martinez Vignatti‘s film shoot. “La Cantante de Tango”, Diego’s second feature film, required a milonga scene, and it was shot right at the Cultural Center of Schaarbeek, on Nosotros home territory. For most of us it was a first-time experience to participate in an actual movie, so we learned things like: a director can be very concentrated, impatient and charming at the same time, schedules and instructions change all the time, actors need continuous make-up and hair redoes, and us extras have to excel at waiting, remembering our start/stop position and being silent most of the time. And certainly not look into the camera!
Every now and then we did get to dance, and by ‘we’ I mean the others, because I just took pictures the whole weekend. Here’s a selection.

La Cantante de Tango

La cantante de tango

La Cantante de Tango

La cantante de tango La Cantante de Tango

One step forward La Cantante de Tango

All pictures can be found at Film shoot: La Cantante de Tango. We’re obviously all looking forward to see the actual movie in early 2009!

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