Tango Toppers: Osvaldo Pugliese

Getting to know tango music is quite a task. While you may hear it being played everytime you dance, you don’t always know the names of the composers and performers. Who’s song is ‘Poema’? (Francisco Canaro) Who wrote ‘Llorar por una mujer (“quererla y no tenerla“)? (Enrique Rodriguez) Who plays ‘La Cumparsita’? (just about everyone) So here’s an idea: I’m going to publish a top 10 of popular songs per composer/orchestra. The data I use comes from last.fm.

The first one: Osvaldo Pugliese, best known for his ‘La Yumba’. How does that sound again? Well, see if you recognize this song:

The Pugliese top 10 of songs on Last.fm goes like this:

#1 La Yumba 1617
#2 Recuerdo 1016
#3 Desde El Alma 878
#4 Gallo Ciego 612
#5 Mala Junta 459
#6 La Mariposa 417
#7 Chique 349
#8 Despues 295
#9 Malandraca 289
#10 Chacabuqueando 267

And here you can listen to some of those: