and in June there’s Tangocamp!

I am planning a rather big trip in June: I will be travelling to 4 different cities in 4 weekends in a row. This is because June is Tangocamp time, and I will be the resident photographer.

Tangocamp 2010

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Tangocamp is a travelling tango festival, organized by Pino and Natalie from Sweden. It originally started as a Sweden-only event, but now they have extended it to Italy, Greece and Germany. A group of mostly Argentinian teachers and the flamboyant orchestra Sexteto Milonguero go from one city to the other, settling down each weekend for classes and some top-notch milongas. The maestros are quite high level, you might have seen some of them at one of the previous Brussels Tango Festivals: Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert, Esteban Cortez & Evelyn Rivera , Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Missé, Diego Riemer & Maria Belén Giachello, Yanick Wyler & Eugenia Parrilla, Mazen Kiwan & Maria Fiali, Pino Dangiola & Natalie Brateli.

This year the adventure proceeds like this: we start in Dusseldorf, Germany (3-6 June), go to Rome, Italy (11-13 June), travel through Stenungsbaden, near Goteborg, Sweden (17-20 June) and end up in the most heavenly place of Eretria, Greece (24-28 June). You can go to only one of these, to two, or if you’re a bit crazy, do all four: the Tangocamp Marathon!

If this sounds like a good idea: the early bird discount is still available until March 10th!

Tangocamp 2009

One of the reasons why I’m crazy enough to do them all four is because I had such a great time in Tangocamp Greece last year. It was my first time, and I just loved it. Pino and Natalie turned out to be excellent organizers and friendly hosts. I got to know some maestros and musicians and a whole lot of tango dancers from all over the world. And everybody’s just in such a good mood, what with the nice food, the sun and the pool.

Of course I also took a lot of pictures, for the first time as ‘Tango Paparazzo‘ and some of them I’m still proud of. This is Javier Rodriguez and the gorgeous Stella Missé, and the other picture is from the beach party, which is LE-GEN-(waitforit)-DA-RY!

So when I left last year, I was sure: I want to come back. Now I’m booking the plane tickets. Will I see you there?