Cafe de los maestros @ Brussels (free tickets!)

Buenos Aires tango : Café de los Maestros

Two years ago,  Gustavo Santaolalla, of Bajofondo Tango Club fame, created a real labour of love: he invited a number of ‘old’ tango musicians (from the ’40 – ’50 era) and re-recorded them together.  The result was a splendid record called “Café de los Maestros” and with it goes a making-of movie of the same name, that is quite exceptional too. Now there is also the orchestra of the maestros, and they come to Brussels!

On Tuesday October 19th, BOZAR presents Buenos Aires tango : Café de los Maestros. This is a unique opportunity to see and hear bandoneon legends  as Osvaldo Montes, Miguel Angel Varvello, Hector Silva, Juan Jose Mosalini live! They are joined by the dancers Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa.

As a special treat, has 25 two-person tickets to give away! Starting on next Monday 4 Oct at 8:00 in the morning, you can request one pair of tickets on this special contest page. After the first 25 people get their tickets, the page will be closed. So be quick!

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  1. And the winners are:
    A. Anastasi, C. Buitrago, W. Delcourte, B. Despaux, C. Favart, X. Garcia, P. Goedert, D. Graca, I. Gunes, F. Harary, P. Hautefenne, K. Havlickova, P. Krynicky, A. Lenoble, T. Marquis, P. Martinez, M. Mateos Muñoz, K. Mattioni, A. Michot, F. Miguens Campos, V. Philips, M. Tavernier, N. Todorova, I. Vantournhoudt, K. Vetiskova

    I will send a confirmation email today!

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