Maryline & Vincent @ Magic Mirrors

Tuesday used to be the day there was no tango event in Brussels, and now it’s becoming the day with “l’embarras du choix“. not only is there a weekly practica at Floreo, but there is also a temporary weekly event at Place St Catherine: the Magic Mirrors tent (until the end of November).
Milonga @ Magic mirrors
Milonga @ Magic mirrors
The place is not only being used for tango on Tuesdays, there is e.g. a big evening on Saturday 30 Oct. Marisa & Oliver organize a workshop, followed by a milonga. Most importantly, there will be a demonstration by Maryline & Vincent. For those who don’t know them, they are one of the legendary tango couples in Belgium, a joy to see dance together. It has been a while since they have performed together so this is a great opportunity!

Maryline & Vincent Maryline & Vincent

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