Announced: Alejandro Ziegler Quartet – free tickets to win!

Alejandro Ziegler tango quartet

Patio de Tango (Bouche-à-Oreille, Etterbeek) welcomes another special guest: the Alexandro Ziegler quartet plays a concert at the popular milonga on Thursday February 17th: “a bandoneón, a double bass, a violin, (a) piano, a samurai hairstyle, two red shoes and one Borat moustache” says one fan who saw them in 2010 and she adds: “absolutely stunning“.

And again we have 4 free tickets for 4 people who add a comment to this post with a tango anecdote: something you experienced yourself or that you heard about. Closing date for the comments is Wednesday evening!

5 thoughts on “Announced: Alejandro Ziegler Quartet – free tickets to win!

  1. Setting: A Berlin milonga, Friday night
    He looks around and his eyes are caught by a remotely familiar face in the crowd across the room. Where has he seen her before? He thinks for a while, searching the meanders of his memory… Still no clue, so he decides to set out for the other shore of the dancefloor. There she is. “Hi, I’m Paul and I’m sure we’ve met before. I just cannot remember where it was. Can you help?” And she cannot: “Well, I don’t think so. Moreover, I’ve only just arrived to give a workshop here, so you could hardly have met me here before.” He insists: “I’m sure we have danced! I’ve revisited loads of milongas I’ve been to recently in my mind and I just won’t remember the place.” She is still not persuaded: “Yeah, right. Nice try, but it’s quite an old trick you’re playing here on me. Never mind, let’s dance anyway.” And so they do. Only a handful of leaders that roam the milongas around the world can lead you into such a smooth vals, you are not dancing, you are floating above the dancefloor, you are lost in your dream, your three-minute romance unwinds, eyes closed, a gentle smile blooming on your lips… Once the song reaches its end, they stop, she wakes up again and it is quite a different story now: “Of course we have danced before, now I know! It was at the other shore of the Atlantic, a perfect vals just like this one!”

  2. Years before I even knew I would dance tango one day, I went to the Cellule by invitation of a friend who used to dance there. She danced the whole night through, and I shared the evening with her during her pauses, and with another friend who came along and didn’t dance either. We talked and watched the dancing over a few beers. It was my very first time at a milonga, and I was amazed to see this kind of hidden place, in which incredibly good dancers got carried away at the pace of this beautiful music from other times, yet they were all quite young.

    At one moment I went to fetch a couple more beers for me and my friend. On my way back to our table, I saw a girl looking at me intently in the eye. Her gaze was fixed, without hesitation. And she was beautiful… very much so. It lasted for just a couple seconds, as I went by with with the drinks in my hands. I never had this kind of gaze before from such a woman. I wondered what it was that provoked this unexpected interest. I wasn’t wearing anything special, nor did I behave in a particular conspicuous way. As I was not used to it, this brief instant got imprinted in my memory. Only years after I understood, when I started to learn tango lessons. When my teacher from Buenos Aires told me about the milonga codes, I understood then that she simply wanted to dance. What a lost opportunity! Never again have I seen a woman using this code in a milonga, at least not so clearly as she did.

  3. Some years ago in Buenos-Aires, i was taking a private class with Javier when he told me a funny anecdote about a russian guy who was asking him to explain a lot of technical details about the right way to do a giro and which leg he had to use first when beginning the turn.
    Javier was astonished and tought it was a really strange question…so this is what he answered to him :
    “When you are badly sick and you need to go urgently to the toilet, do you first ask yourself which leg you have to use first to go to the toilet door in your back or do you simply go there as fast as you can ? So, it is the same with tango: be natural, don’t think and go where you have decided to go”
    This is one of Javier’s funniest ways of teaching tango… but it is so true…

  4. maybe it’s too late but anyway…
    an echo to the first story – this one is about the leader who never remembers the follower, even after 4 times dancing together. Yes, some months passed by in between but still…
    and then suddenly, at the 5th time dancing together, a “declic” in his mind? Because, after this one, the memory became better. Thanks to the new shoes maybe? Who knows what’s on a man’s mind …

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