Tango Masivo in Belgium!

The newly started ‘Tango Masivo‘ comes to Belgium. Some of you might have seen Kay Sleking (guitar/bass) in Milonga de Gante with a duo, but now he comes with a big group of musicians!
Wednesday 15/6 – 14h00-17h30: Masterclass tango music (Antwerpen) – organized by TangoAlegre (Astrid)
Wednesday 15/6 – 20h30-01:00: Milonga with Cuarteto TANGO MASIVO (Brussels) – organized by Monik & Dante
Thursday 16/6 – 19h00-01:00: Salon with Orquesta Tipica TANGO MASIVO (Antwerpen) – organized by TangoAlegre & EstarBien
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Tango Masivo means tango with mass and thats exactly the keynote of this orquesta. Strong melodic lines with a rhythm that underlines the heavy movement in order to take the dancer and music lover into a tango trip.

Guitarist/contrabassplayer Kay Sleking brought the tangueros from Buenos Aires, Spain, France, Peru, Finland and The Netherlands together. The repertoire exists of new arrangement and compositions of pianist, arranger en composer Julian Peralta (Astillero), who is the pianist of the orquesta. The bandoneon section is formed by Mariano Gonzales Calo (Astillero), Victor Hugo Villena (Gotan Project, El Despues) and Claudio Constantini. The violin section is formed by Martijn van der Linden (Astillero, Sexteto Canyengue), Suvi Myohanen, Alicia Alonso and cello player Eva van de Poll (Pavadita).

Next to instrumental pieces tango singer Maria Jose Ortiz captures you in the lyrics of longing and solitude.