Tangauchos in Belgium

Tangauchos - 2 Aug Bxl
The tango show “Tangauchos” by La Compagnia de Mariano Galeano is coming to Belgium in August with performances in Brussels and Leuven. We know Mariano from his appearances in various events in Belgium, like the 2009 Brussels Tango Festival. In Tangauchos he combines Argentinian folklore and the urban music from Rio de la Plata, in all its facets. He shows that, while they use common basic techniques, the styles developed on their own. In some pieces you even see four styles next to one another: salon, milonguero, fantasia, modern.

Tangauchos sera en tournée en Europe à l’été 2011. Allez les voir, cela vaut la peine. C’est vivant, avec des styles variés, un scénario plein de petites histoires, et très impressionnant sur le plan technique.
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The dancers: Mariano Galeano & Guadalupe Garcia , Pedro Zamin & Florencia Mendez, Roberto Leiva & Marcela Vespasiano.
The dates:

Thanks to Nosotros (thx Eugenia & Diego), we have 4 tickets to give for the Brussels performance, they will go to the first 4 commenters on this post (on www.milonga.be, dear Facebookers) with a link to a picture of Mariano Galeano from the Brussels Tango Festival photos. Each link has to be different: so not the same picture every time! The contest is open now!

Tangauchos - 2 Aug Bxl


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