Video: marathon del chocolate

Brussels will soon have its first Marathon del Chocolate and the organizers keep on finding original ways to let people know. Some weeks ago, Jasna & Virginie filmed some Brussels tangueros dancing in several places in Brussels, some of them less obvious and made this nice movie:

You might recognized: Monik & Dante, Elina, Pablo, Dounia, Adrien, Manneke Pis, yours truly, Fauve, the organizers Sidar & Andrej and many others.

Dance: Brussels Tango Dancers including expats.
Camera: Virginie
Edit by: Guillermo
Directed by: Jasna

Bionade –
Cronos –

2 thoughts on “Video: marathon del chocolate

  1. Formidable. Vraiment beau. Je suis en vacance à la mer mais en regardant le video j’ai regretté de ne pas etre à Bruxelles. Félicitations


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