Most popular photos of 2011

Just like last year, I would like you to help me choosing the best picture of the past year. For that, you should go through the list of all favourites and ‘favorite‘ and ‘comment‘ (see further) on pictures that you like! I will give you the top 20 and the most popular photo in the beginning of January!

Some more details on how to improve the scores of the pictures you like:

If you DO NOT have a Flickr account

  • go to the overview page and click on each photo you like to see them in full size. Every click counts as 1 view!
  • post the link of a picture you like a lot (like: on your Facebook profile or Twitter feed. Your friends might click on it and every click counts!
  • you can see the counted views on the right of each picture
  • Pro tip: if you really want to influence scores, get a (free) Flickr account. You just need a (free) Yahoo account, and it’s easy if you already have a (free) FB or (free) Google account. Did I mention it was free?

If you DO have a Flickr account (now we’re talking)

  • for every photo of the overview page that you really like, press the Favorite button on top. Favorites count more than just 1 click!
  • If you want to explain why you like the picture, leave a comment. Comments are worth even more than Favorites!
  • I’m not telling you how much more favorites and comments count in the scores, but: it’s significant!

Extra tips

  • Check if the picture is from 2011! I won’t take older photos into account!
  • if there are pictures of mine that you really like, but that for some reason, I did not put in the Favs group, let me know, I can add them. The top 20 will ONLY contain pictures from that group!
  • All the numbers I will use to calculate scores are only on Flickr: views/favorites/comments, everyone can see them. Don’t send me emails with URLs, don’t try to bribe me. If you want a certain picture to score higher, use the tools above to improve the score!

To start with: here are 50 popular photos from 2011: