Meet the Chocolate marathonians

Sweet Tango Family! We are very happy to invite you to chocolate Brussels/Belgium where we are starting our Marathon del Chocolate 2nd edition. The series of sweet events starts with the Premarathon Milonga on Thursday, and ends with the afterparty on Sunday. Everybody is welcome at both milongas, no registration is needed, just come and try out the taste of early coming sweet marathonians from all over the world, the taste of local Brussels dancers and of course prepare yourself for digesting chocolate sweet tandas.

For the marathon itself, you have of course to be registered to get in.

Thursday 9 Aug @ 20h: Premarathon Milonga with DJ Sidar OK
Sunday 12 Aug @ 21h: Chocolate Afterparty with DJs Naoko & Jo Switten

Each is in the same location as the marathon: 40 Rue Fernand Bernier, 1060 Saint-Gilles (close to Midi station)