Tango Quizzz n°19


Which famous tango musician was playing at the cabaret Chantecler ?

The answer was JUAN D’ARIENZO, congratulations to Liz Yannick Vanhove and Eric Costers for giving the right answer !

A lot of great musicians played at the Chantecler, but the most iconic was certainly Juan D’Arienzo. The place was a famous cabaret and welcomed Julio de Caro, Carlos Di Sarli, Hector Varela and Leopoldo Federico, among others. The atendant, who took care of the public relations and was announcing the artists was called the “Cuban Prince” (El Príncipe Cubano). It was him who gave Juan D’Arienzo his famous nickname. He once said “if I’m a prince, you are the king of the rhythm” (El rey del compás).

The place ran from 1924 to 1960, then was destroyed. It stayed in the memories as a mythical place of the tango history.

The tango Adios Chantecler is dedicated to this place :


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