Tango Quizzz n°22


Which singer was called “El polaco”, the Pole ?
The answer was ROBERTO GOYENECHE !

Roberto Goyeneche is one of the legend of tango, and one of the greatest singers, together with Carlos Gardel or Alberto Podesta.
He was called “The Pole” (El Polaco, in Spanish) for his similar appearance (blue eyes, blond hair) to these many immigrants that came from Poland to Argentina (he was not, he was of Basque descent).

His voice is very typical, and he could go from a murmur to great power, expressing a lot of different feelings, articulating the words in his very personal way.
He began with Horacio Salgán, sang with a lot of great orquestras but his most famous tangos are with Anibal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla.
Here singing Tinta Roja with Anibal “El Gordo” Troilo :

And you can never forget his interpretation of Chiquilin de Bachin, with Piazzolla, which is heartbreaking :

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