Day: August 7, 2017

One Night @ L’Argonne 4 August 2017

The milonga at L’Argonne is quite legendary, it’s been one of the first milongas in Brussels and has survived till today, moving from place to place, but always keeping its soul and special atmosphere … Last Friday was a night to remember, as L’Argonne was welcoming the second edition of the Brussels Milonga weekend. Enjoy […]

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Tango Quizzz n°26

TANGO QUIZZZ, Which poet was living in the “nest of a sparrow” ? (… en el nido de un gorrión) The answer is HORACIO FERRER ! Horacio Ferrer is mainly known for his incredible collaboration with Astor Piazzolla, but also wrote for Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo and Horacio Salgan. With Piazzolla he wrote the Tango opera […]

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Thank god it’s tango time n°8

Thank god it’s the weekend … and it’s TANGO time ! Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez dancing Canaro, milongaaa !    

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