Tango Quizzz n°26


Which poet was living
in the “nest of a sparrow” ?
(… en el nido de un gorrión)

The answer is HORACIO FERRER !

Horacio Ferrer is mainly known for his incredible collaboration with Astor Piazzolla, but also wrote for Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo and Horacio Salgan.
With Piazzolla he wrote the Tango opera “María de Buenos Aires”, “Chiquilín de Bachin” or “Balada para un loco”, that are real masterpieces.
The nest of the sparrow is an allusion to this last one, Balada para un loco. Horacio Ferrer was actually living in a small apartment at the top of a building, near the Callao avenue, which is cited in the song.

Ferrer completely re-invented and modernized the tango writing, at a time where everything had been said …
Astronauts, crazy acrobats running on the roofs, flying bicycles are part of his world. And Ferrer seems a character of his own universe.
Discover his interview here :

Balada para un loco

Maria de Buenos Aires

Chiquilín de Bachín

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