Tango Quizzz n°29


What is the origin of the word “Papirusa“ or “Papusa” that you find in some tangos ?


It’s coming from the polish word “papierosy” which means cigarette !

Papirusa or Papusa is a word from the Lunfardo, the tango slang that began in the prisons of Buenos Aires to avoid being understood by the guardians.
Papusa means a young beautiful woman.

The polish prostitutes, famous for their beauty, were called this way because they were asking cigarettes – papierosy – to their clients, and it extended to take a more general meaning.

There is a tango of Canaro, named Papirusa

and another one of Miguel Calo, Elegante Papirusa :

And even one song by Carlos Gardel, Che papusa oí :

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