Tango Quizzz n°31


Which tango singer stopped Tango and ended up in a convent ?

The answer was ADA FALCÓN.

Ada Falcón is one of the great singer in Tango and was also famous for her beauty and her splendid green eyes.
Discepolo, the famous poet said she was so beautiful that looking at her was hurting. She is mostly known for her songs with Francisco Canaro, with whom she also had a tumultuous affair (Canaro was married). It’s told that the wife of the musician once irrupted in the studio , threatening Ada with a gun in her hand ! But Canaro, as much as he loved Ada, never left his wife.

In 1938, Ada entered in a deep mystic revelation and completely disappeared from Tango (maybe tired to wait for her lover). She became a nun and decided to not see anybody anymore. She staid in Cordoba, isolated until the end of her life.

She left some wonderful tangos, for example these that Canaro wrote for her :

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