Tango Quizzz n°32


Who were all the singers of Carlos Di Sarli ?


He had a lot ! Of course the great Alberto Podestá, Roberto Rufino, Oscar Serpa, Mario Pomar, Roberto Florio and Jorge Duran, who are his most famous singers.
But he had a lot more like Carlos Acuña, Rodolfo Galé, Argentino Ledesma or Horacio Casares.
And before that some more with his Sexteto : Ernesto Famá, Mercedes Carné, Roberto Arrieta among others …

Some of his themes were sang by several of the singers, like “No me pregunten por que” (Don’t ask me why), by
Mario Pomar :

and by Jorge Duran :

or Verdemar, by Roberto Rufino :

and Oscar Serpa :

One funny story is about the singer Edmundo Rivero (who notably worked with Anibal Troilo).
He was never a singer of the orquesta, but after Carlos Di Sarli’s death, in a commercial move, the disc company replaced the voice of Jorge Duran on four tracks previously recorded by the one of Edmundo Rivero, to sell more music of the master.

Yup, not very respectful

They were removed on a request of Jorge Duran himself.

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