Caritative milonga Tango Luzolo in Antwerpen, Dec. 9

Milonga “Tango Luzolo” on 9/12 in La Luna is a fundraiser for Mama Lufuma, a small charity organisation helping young mothers in Matadi, DR Congo. Because the best way to help a child is to help its mother.


Mama Lufuma is founded by a Belgium-Congolese couple 10 years ago, now supported by a large team of volunteers in Belgium and in Congo. Including Ilse & Celine, who are now organising Tango Luzolo.

Congo is a country with hardly any government or structure. Most people live without electricity or current water. There is no garbage collection, no post, no social security, schools and hospitals are expensive and corrupt, you can sometimes only drive 10 kilometers in an hour because the road is so bad, there are hardly any “formal” jobs,… Certainly in the cities, most people wake up in the morning, just wondering if they will be able to earn some money so they can eat. Some days they don’t. Daily live is extremely difficult.

In these circumstances, a lot of young single mothers can hardly survive. They live on the streets with their children or in absolute misery. Mama Lufuma gives them a home, so that mother and child can stay together. And gives the mothers a chance to study and become self-providing. Currently Mama Lufuma supports 10 mothers and their 12 children. Some girls go to secondary school or even university, others follow sewing classes. Besides this, the organisation runs a sewing school/sewing shop, a library for children and a small infant class, a program for familypanning (anticonception), and will be starting with second chance education for women.

The Congolese people are so strong and resilient. They find a solution for every problem and don’t give up. The girls in Mama Lufuma’s home have often been abused, raped or they lived on the streets. After a few months, they regain their self-confidence, their happiness, and they work very hard to become self-supportive. Tey are really top women! Ilse visited Congo last year, and will never forget the big hug and gratitude of these girls…


Nb: “Luzolo” means “connection” in the local Congolese language Kikongo: the connection between tangueros, between Congo & Belgium, between mother & child…


Help Mama Lufuma to grow and help more young mothers! Come to Tango Luzolo!



La Luna, August van de Wielelei 65, 2100 Deurne
18:00 – 01:30
Pre-salon ‪18.00 – 21.00,
DJ Tom Wouters and **Tanguero’s Kitchen**: Foodstand by chef-kok tanguero’s.

Grand salon ‪21.00 – 1.30,
DJ El Huracan – Jo Switten

Entrance 9€