Tango Quizzz n°33


Which singer began his career known as Washington Alé ?


The answer is the great ALBERTO PODESTÁ !
Alberto began at 17 with the orquestra of Miguel Caló, at the cabaret Singapur. His real name is actually Alejandro Washington Alé, but like a lot of singers in these days, he had an artist’s nickname, which was in the beginning Juan Carlos Morel.

When he was contracted by Carlos Di Sarli, this one changed his name to Alberto Podestá, that he kept for the rest of his career. Podestá is in fact the name of his mother !
He died in 2015 in Buenos Aires, after a very successful career, he sang for Miguel Caló, Pedro Laurenz, Carlos Di Sarli, Armando Pontier …

In 1942, “Pedacito de cielo”, with Caló :

Later in 1942, with Di Sarli, singing “Nada”

“Garúa” with Pedro Laurenz, in 1943

“Una historia como tantas”, in 1946 with Pontier

With Caló again, “El bazar de los juguetes”, in 1954

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