Day: December 11, 2017

One Night @ La Tentation 2 Dec. 2017

It was a warm and marvelous night for the Tango National Day in the beautiful Centro Galego de Bruxelas, La Tentation, organized by Dante & Monik ! A show by the maestros, a powerful concert, nice and friendly people … it was a night to remember ! More info about Dante & Monik Pictures : […]

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Tango Quizzz n°37

TANGO QUIZZZ ! Which dancer won the Tango championship at 18 years old ?   The answer was SEBASTIAN JIMENEZ ! Other possible answer was Maria de los Angeles Trabichet (she won Tango Escenario in 2005 together with German Cornejo) ! Dante Sanchez won Tango Salon at 19 with Inés Muzzopappa … so young ! […]

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