Tango Quizzz n°38


Which Tango singer was named after a perfume ?


The answer was ROBERTO CHANEL !

Roberto Chanel is one of the first singers of Osvaldo Pugliese and his real name is Alfredo Mazzochi.
He was called El Turco Roberto Chanel, not that he was turk, but in Argentina all people of arabic origin were called like this.
He was given this surname by Julio Jorge Nelson, a tango lyricist and announcer, after seeing a neon sign advertising the perfume.
Pugliese had trouble imposing his singer, as some radio directors wanted a more good looking one, and not this “skinny big nosed arab” … Yet he succeeded and Chanel who’s maybe not the best singer possess a very unique style, with his quite nasal tones and his deep nostalgia …

The unforgettable “Farol”,

Or his version of “Fuimos” and its incredible lyrics by Homero Manzi,
I was like a rain of ashes and difficulties
in the resigned hours of your life…
A drop of vinegar spilled,
fatally spilled over all your wounds.

Source : Tango Masters, Osvaldo Pugliese, Michael Lavocah

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