Tango Quizzz n°40


Who made Carlos Di Sarli cry, being only 17 ?


The answer was ROBERTO RUFINO !

Roberto Rufino is born in 1922 in the neighborhood of El Abasto in Buenos Aires. He lost his father very young, in 1935, the same year as Carlos Gardel died.
He decided to become a singer at 14, beginning his career at the Petit Salon Café near Corrientes. When he was 17, Margarita, one of the girl of the café told the maestro Carlos Di Sarli that there was a kid who sang wonderfully. Di Sarli proposed him to give it a try while he would be playing the piano and asked him to choose a tango. Rufino chose “Alma de Bohemio”, a quite difficult song, beginnning with the famous “Cantaaaaar”.
The pianist hearing the young boy sing got tears in his eye, and embraced him. That began their very strong relationship, Di Sarli being like a father for Roberto Rufino. They recorded 46 tangos together.

The first tango Carlos di Sarli and Roberto Rufino recorded, Corazón

The beautiful Cascabelito, by the same duo

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