Tango Quizzz n°42


Which dancer from the old times was working in a graveyard ?

The answer was GERARDO PORTALEA !

Gerardo Portalea was a famous milonguero, dancing during the nights and working at a graveyard during the day.
His steps are still taught by teachers like Natalia Games y Gabriel Angio at Canning or Club Gricel. He is famous for his elegance and his way of walking, but also his humility.
He was at a time organizing the milonga Sin Rumbo, and even finished third in a competition just behind Virulazo and Juan Carlos Copes among the best tango dancers of this period, dancing on Pampero by Osvaldo Fresedo … But his favourite orquestra was D’Agostino/Vargas.
He stopped dancing in 1963, he thought he could live without it, but he was wrong. In 1978, quite depressed, he went to a shrink who told him to go back to Tango. He got better immediately.

You can see him talking in the documentary ”Tango Baile Nuestro” (19:15)

and dancing in a Tango show here

Or at the Sunderland here

See u soon for another quiz !
— Based on an idea by Daniel Rossi