Tango Quizzz n°45


Which dancer died from a heart attack in 2010 ?


The answer was OSVALDO ZOTTO !
Osvaldo Zotto is from a family with multiple generation of tango dancers, being also the younger brother of Miguel Angel Zotto, famous for his tango show “Tango argentino” that made tango popular in Europe. Osvaldo participated in two shows from the company of his brother, Una Noche de Tango y Perfumes de Tango, which were very famous.

Osvaldo was walking like a cat and when dancing “was making love but being up”. He was the partner of some incredible dancers like Guillermina Quiroga, Lorena Ermocida or Mora Godoy.
Staring in 1997 with Lorena, they were among the most emblematic dancers of Tango Salon, made multiple tours around the world, and were invited in the most important tango festivals.

He disappeared too early from a heart attack, found dead in his apartment on Boedo and San Juan by his friend Tanguito Cejas.

The first public appearance of Lorena & Osvaldo

Dancing at Sunderland

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