Day: March 21, 2018

One Night @ La Tangueria 11 March 2018

One Night @ La Tangueria (11 April 2018) The milonga at La Tangueria is a classic in Brussels : a cosy place, nice people to dance with and a warm atmosphere. It was accompanied last Sunday by the great music of Dj Juergen Marke and his vinyls … And as always, wonderful picture by Jean-Pierre […]

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Tango Quizzz n°48

TANGO QUIZZZ ! Which dancer dramatically died in a car accident in 2012 ?   The answer was ANDREA MISSÉ. Andrea Missé is from a dancers family, as she is the sister of the Gabriel Missé, Sebastian Missé and Stella Missé, also tango dancers. She learned to dance in the school of Carlos Rivarola, who […]

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