Tango Quizzz n°48


Which dancer dramatically died in a car accident in 2012 ?


The answer was ANDREA MISSÉ.

Andrea Missé is from a dancers family, as she is the sister of the Gabriel Missé, Sebastian Missé and Stella Missé, also tango dancers.
She learned to dance in the school of Carlos Rivarola, who was part of the show Tango Argentino in Paris, who helped to the renaissance of Tango in the eighties.
She worked with Antonio Todaro, and was the partner of Leandro Palou, with whom she founded the dance company Tango Danza.
She then became the partner of Javier Rodriguez, after he and Geraldine Rojas separated. They had a beautiful and simple style, full of elegance.
She unfortunately died some years go in a quad accident in Argentina. We’ll miss her, she was so beautiful to watch.

Andrea Misse and Leandro Palou

Andrea with Javier Rodriguez

A beautiful tribute to Andrea

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