Tango Quizzz n°51


Who was “Katunga” ?


The answer was JOSE MARÍA CONTURSI, one of the great poet in Tango, who was called Katunga by his friends !

Jose María Contursi is the son of Pascual Contursi who is considered – as the author of ”Mi Noche Triste” – the father of Tango canción, together with Carlos Gardel.
The son – Jose María – is one of the great writers of the Golden Age of Tango, with his always very romantic lyrics about love. He wrote a lot of Tangos about Gricel (“Gricel”, “Quiero verte una vez mas”, “Tabaco”), a secret love he only would be able to live at the end of his life (because he was already married).
Contursi wrote a lot of themes for great musicians like Troilo, Di Sarli, Francini, Pontier, Laurenz, Fresedo, Maderna …
Unfortunately Contursi was also a drinker, and even if Gricel told him one day “We go to Cordoba and the whisky stays in Buenos Aires”, he died of his alcoholism, and could not enjoy very long the life with her. But he left us a lot of incredible tangos …

Tabaco, by Anibal Troilo

Gricel, also by Troilo

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