Tango Quizzz n°54


Who was called the
“Chopin of tango” ?


The answer was OSMAR MADERNA
Osmar Maderna is one of the great pianist in tango.
He was called the “Chopin of tango“ by Osvaldo Fresedo himself, and was part of the famous Orquesta de las estrellas (the orquestra of stars) of Miguel Calo. The great Pugliese told he was one of the greatest pianist in Tango.
He became at a young age the pianist and arranger of Calo, and had a big influence on his style with his soft and delicate touch at the piano. He composed for Calo some great tangos like La Noche que te fuiste, Que te importa que te llore, and more.
He then assembled his own orquesta and had a lot of success with some wonderful tangos like Volvio a llover or Ojos negros.
He unfortunately died very young, at 33, piloting an airplane, which was his great passion, leaving his fans inconsolables …

Volvio a Llover

Lluvia de estrellas

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