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July 30 - August 1

Just imagine. A green weekend in the valley, in the Belgian Ardens. Beauty all over. And on top: music of all kinds and (tango) dance. A shared table. Fishing, swimming, stories for kids, … A moment of LIFE ! We launch the festivalito INTO this WOOD. With music at one side and at the other a wooden tango floor. A family event with two different atmospheres in one valley.

It’s from the 30th of July till the 1st of August, in Gros-Fays (5555, Bièvre). All information can be found on the website, with indications concerning the accommodation (camping, holiday houses etc). If you want to participate, alone or with your family, please subscribe through the site.


Here an idea the area, over the seasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o5d9a2Zmww

Very welcome.

Vincent Morelle


The program/dj's/dancers will be coming out soon.