Tango les in Limburg

Liz & Yannick Vanhove (3920)

+32 486 39 77 33 vanhove.l.y@gmail.com
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Tango Corrientes, Zaal Commerce, Dorp 12, Lommel

Mon. 20:00 Inter. Liz & Yannick Vanhove
Mon. 21:00 Adv. Liz & Yannick Vanhove


+3289363740 tony.damen@telenet.be
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Tango Brujo vzw. is a tango school and club since1999. Created by Tony Damen and Andreas Jans. They give lessons on different levels on Thursday each 14 days and have also a Milonga (La Milonga de los Chicos) afterwards. All information concerning lessons and dates, you'll find on www.tangobrujo.be . Other informations source with movies and pictures: fb.Tony Damen (Tango Brujo)


Tango Brujo, Nic. Cleynaertslaan

Thur. 19:30 Adv. inter. Andreas & Tony
Thur. 20:30 Beginners Andreas & Tony

Cours de tango en Limbourg (près de Hasselt)
Tango course in Limburg (close to Hasselt)