Tango shoes

Shoes, Shoes, shoes

Not any random accessory for the Tango dancer !
Milongueros are usually quite picky about shoes, for some really good reasons : comfort and style.

Some like them shiny, special, colourful !
Some others want them comfortable, sober, practical.
Or a mix of both.

We have updated our list of tango shoes shops,
including some really nice online shops, and also the classical “real shops”, where you can get advices and try the shoes for real !

Tangueria (Brussels)


La Tangueria provides a large choice of the very comfortable and elegant Tangolera (ex-Bandolera) shoes. You can buy them during the milongas and classes, or on appointment. Or choose your model on www.tangolerashoes.com and transmit your order to: info@tangueria.be.

© Photo by Jean-Pierre Bataille

De Tango Se Trata (Brussels)


Detangosetrata provides the Italian eclectic & comfortable Tango Shoes of MADAME PIVOT and MONSIEUR PIVOT.
and a special clothing line for tango dancers (men &women) designed by Sandrina Dh.

By appointment : 0473/503.405 or info@detangosetrata.com for a personal fitting or advise.

Cultura Shoes


Cultura shoes is a shoe brand created in 2018 by a dance teacher Michele VERO.

All our range of women’s / men’s shoes are subject to very rigorous controls (hold, flexibility, quality, longevity and of course elegance) with my partner Sabine, we try all our models before marketing them, because to advise our customers properly , you must first have a good knowledge of our products.

Cultura Shoes, 102, Rue Louis de Brouckère 7100 La Louvière Belgium
+32 (0)64/217207
+32 (0)475.731317

Ritmik (Leuven)


Ritmik is located near Leuven. If you are planning to buy dance shoes, this is the place to be. You will be provided with personal and professional advice. Ritmik has more than 100 models in all sizes in inventory. Every season they expand their dance shoe range with more trademarks. You can find dance shoes from Werner Kern, Anna Kern, Nueva Epoca, Necessita & salsolera (same company as Tangolera/ Bandolera shoes), Portdance, Bloch, Dansez-Vous,..
Ritmik is a specialized dance shop where you can find the right shoes for any dance style.
Take a look at www.ritmik.be or follow us on instagram and facebook.

MalenaTango (Anwterpen)


Malena sells quality tango shoes from Buenos Aires.
Lunatango shoes are designed with an eye for comfort, design and stability of the shoe. Ideal Tango Shoes offers sneakers and tango shoes. Discover our collection on www.malenatango.be or visit us in Antwerp after appointment by mail ann@malenatango.be or phone +32 489 86 84 26.

Danceworld (Brussels)


Not only dedicated to Tango, but a good shop dedicated to dances in general, in the heart of Brussels

Dance Attitud (Jumet)


Robics (Antwerpen)


Here is a selection of shops over the world, where you can order and have your shoes sent to your place !

Angelina (Buenos Aires)


Very nice boutique, with beautiful sophisticated shoes ! Be careful, the sole is sometimes a bit hard and isn’t suited to all feet.

DNI (Buenos Aires)


A classic. Shoes especially studied for comfort and safety, heels don’t go over 7cm.
They also sell clothes and sneakers.

Diva (Buenos Aires)


Not many models, but the shoes are really flexible and comfortable.

Comme il faut (Buenos Aires)


THE classic, generally unique models, very delicate and sophisticated.

Greta flora (Buenos Aires)


Odile shoes (Corea)


Odile is the provider of some famous professional dancer. All shoes are custom made (she asks you to send some very specific measures of your feet) and the expedition from Corea might be a bit expensive, but we heard these shoes are among the best.

JuliaBella (Washington DC)


Raquel (Nîmes, France)


Werner Kern (Hanau, Germany)


Yuyo brujo (Londres)


Luna tango shoes (Buenos Aires)


Lisadore (Den Haag, Netherlands)


Mi pasion (Maatricht)


Miltango (Paris)


Duo Style (Paris)


Attitude Diffusion (France)


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