The milongas at your fingertips

The milongas at your fingertips 🤩

I have been thinking about it for a while : an app for and it’s finally there !
First on Android, but don’t worry iPhone users, there might be something coming for you really soon too !

Let me tell you : it took hard word, learning and patience to make it. It’s not free, but I hope the price won’t refrain you, I kept it as low as possible. The website will of course remain free.

What’s in it ? At the moment, your tango events, milongas and workshops, but I have more ideas to come and they will be available to you automatically with every updates, as well as bugfixes and corrections. And let me know if you see something weird in the app :

Follow the link and of course share with your tango friends in Belgium*

*The app is only available in Belgium at the moment.

Let me know if you like it :