There is a new milonga in Town : La Milonga Rosa

There are MANY new milongas in Town, actually !

You have now :

  • Milonga La Chapelle on the 1st Sunday of each month in Brussels 🤩
  • Milonga TDK on Friday every two weeks in Brussels (Musée d’art spontané) 🙂
  • Milonga Charanga on the 2nd Sunday of each month in Antwerpen 🥳
  • La Milonga Rosa on the 3d Sunday of each month in Brussels 😎

I want to talk today about la Milonga Rosa organized by Seinement in the center of Brussels !
It’s this Sunday at the first floor of the beautiful Café Cheval Marin Brussels near place Sainte Catherine, with a nice wooden floor and you will enjoy the music of Dj El cabezón for the first occurence of this new “rendez-vous” !
Don’t miss it ! If you don’t the Seinement project, it’s worth a look :