Tango les in Vlaams-Brabant

Gisela y Sergio (3000)

0479 43 84 07 tango.giselaysergio@gmail.com
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Leuven, Wingerdstraat 14, 3000 Leuven, Belgique

Fri. 20:15 Adv. inter. Sergio

Latifè y Matthis Tango (1970)

+32 499 72 93 00 latifeymatthistango@gmail.com
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Argentine Tango is a UNESCO recognized world cultural heritage. It is a dance with a powerful social aspect, connecting people all over the world. It’s foundations and the heart of the Tango are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it has fascinated people all over the globe for decades.

Dancing and studying the Argentine Tango with Argentine Maestros for over a decade, visiting festivals and gatherings all over the world, we aim to pass on our experiences and teach Tango dancing and the traditions of the Tango Salon. Latifè’s roots lie in Turkey and North-Macedonia, whereas Matthis’ lie in Germany and the Netherlands.

It is said that the Argentine Tango is a dance performed by one body with four legs, which describes the importance of the embrace and the connection. One needs to fully engage in the dance and devote their full attention to their partner, speaking and listening to a language without words. This is what makes the Tango Argentino so unique and so beautiful.


Sporthal - Danszaal - Wezembeek-Oppem, Astridlaan 85

Fri. 20:00 Beginners Latife y Matthis
Fri. 21:15 Inter. Latife y Matthis

Groote zaal GC de KAM, Beekstraat 172

Mon. 21:15 Beginners Latife y Matthis

Liz & Yannick Vanhove (3060)

+32 486 39 77 33 vanhove.l.y@gmail.com
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OC Ter Dijle, Nijvelsebaan 152, 3060 Bertem (Korbeek-Dijle)

Wed. 19:00 All levels Liz & Yannick Vanhove
Wed. 20:00 Inter. Liz & Yannick Vanhove
Wed. 21:00 Adv. Liz & Yannick Vanhove

Toxic Tango (3000, 3001)

+ 32 (0)487 45 74 68 chantal@toxictango.com
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De Wijnpers, Mechelsevest 72, Leuven 3000

Mon. 19:25 Abs. Beg. Callan Correo & Chantal Lathuy
Mon. 20:20 Inter. Callan Correo & Chantal Lathuy
Mon. 21:15 Adv. Callan Correo & Chantal Lathuy
Thur. 19:25 Abs. Beg. Marjoleine, Brigitte & Bart
Thur. 20:20 Inter. Marjoleine, Brigitte & Bart

Heilig Hart Instituut, Naamsesteenweg 355, 3001 Heverlee

Wed. 19:25 Abs. Beg. Anna-Karina & Gunther
Wed. 20:20 Inter. Anna-Karina & Gunther
Wed. 21:15 Adv. inter. Anna-Karina & Gunther