Tango les in West-Vlaanderen

Barrio de Tango - Brugge (8000 BRugge)

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De sfeer van Buenos Aires in hartje Brugge.


Barrio de Tango , Site Oud-Sint-Jan, Zonnekemeers, Brugge

Mon. 19:15 Beginners Lode en Ana
Mon. 20:45 Inter. Lode en Ana
Tues. 19:15 Adv. inter. Natalia en Agustin
Tues. 19:15 Abs. Beg. Lode en Ana
Tues. 20:45 Adv. Natalia en Agustin
Tues. 20:45 Inter. Lode en Ana
Thur. 19:15 All levels Natalia en Agustin
Thur. 20:45 Adv. Natalia en Agustin

Life (8870)

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At Life you'll learn the Argentine Tango as it is danced today in Buenos Aires. You gain authentic knowledge from Argentina and you'll be learning it all in a fun, challenging way, with the focus on a well-founded and proven technique so you get the freedom to play together with and on the music.


Life , Lodewijk de Raetlaan 2, 8870 Izegem

Mon. 19:15 Tech. Alberto Sendra & Fernanda Japas
Mon. 20:30 Alberto Sendra & Fernanda Japas
Wed. 19:15 Inter. Alberto Sendra & Fernanda Japas
Wed. 20:30 Adv. Alberto Sendra & Fernanda Japas
Fri. 19:15 Adv. inter. Mariane Deprez
Fri. 20:30 Beginners Mariane Deprez

Tango course in West-Flanders (around Brugge)
Cours de tango en Flandres Occidentale (près de Bruges)