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Zang/ muziek & Tango-vakantie in Château de Chalivoy-la-Noix (FR)

July 16 - July 23

In a collaboration with Anne-Laure Dollié (vocals), accompanied by Robin El-Hage (piano), your voices and instruments will resonate across this beautiful terrain and in this atmospheric chateau in France.  
Astrid Maria Cerpentier & dance partner will take care of tango classes for those who are not so much into voice (but more into legs). In the evening we will meet, on the dance floor outdoors (under the tall trees), to enjoy music & tango at his best.


Twice per day you can take up workshops, you can also book a private class or a Women Only lesson.
During this holiday time, you have the possibility to go for singing classes, music, tango dance classes, OR a combination of those. In addition, there are the dance evenings, provided by tango DJ Wouter ‘Mi Cielo’, musical intermezzos, also meant for dance.


Read more on https://www.tangoalegre.be/tango-holiday/

Or mail to: vakanties@tangoalegre.be


We have a few rooms in the castle left!