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BUENOS AIRES with Anibal & Valeria

November 23 - December 11



We organice holliday trips to Buenos Aires since 2019.


We are the only Argentinian tango couple in Belgium, from Buenos Aires that was born, learned, lived and grew up with all these customs. We know the city and its people, its milongas, its culture. We are known in the "Buenos Aires Tango World" by teachers, dancers, milongueros, organizers, artists. That is why we want to help you on this trip to know Buenos Aires. 

We will let you know the touristic and non touristic circuits of the city, the traditional milongas and others, you will also take classes with our selection of teachers. There will be no lack of gastronomy or tango shopping.


Buenos Aires is the Mecca of Tango, where it all started. Tango breathes there, not only in "Caminito" or in the milongas but in the street, in the taxi, at the news stands, in the corner café where after the third day the waiter knows how you like coffee.


Knowing Buenos Aires is part of your learning process and with us it is a unique and unforgettable experience because we will take you where you would never go alone or with a tourist agency.




After 13 days of intensive immersion in Buenos Aires city, milongas, classes, etc, the  COUNTRY TOURS offers you a 4 days trips to know the natural beauty of our country + 1 more in Buenos Aires.


We believe that combining the Tango trip with a type of tourism so special and different from what European tourists are used to is THE BEST COMBINATION!!!


In 2024 edition we will visit the province Misiones where we'll see the the incredible Iguazu Falls chosen as one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”.