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Seminar with Natalia y Agustin: part #2 "What is Mickey Mousing in the Tango?"

October 31 - October 31

The concept?
1 seminar per day, 3 days, catering by Ludo
accommodation possible at the venue or at the hotel
(price already negotiated for you).


Seminar 2 | Sunday 

What is Micky Mousing in Tango?

How tangos are conformed and how can organically change from dancing the different layers. 
Switching between, rhythmic base, melody line, bridges, and second melodies. How to have different instruments for leader and follower.

Basically another three hours of musical understating and plenty of exercises to train our body and ears to bring a new dynamic to our dance.


***inscription : forms.gle/ANqetEa7Tsa7dJJP7***