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July 31 - August 7


After a long year, summer is coming and we believe that this summer everything will be better, and things will be almost back to

To celebrate this long awaited return to dance, we decided to put together a special trip!!
ANIBAL LAUTARO & VALERIA MASIDE, a couple of dancers with a great career in the tango ambit, we want to invite you to enjoy a week-long trip with trips to the beaches and paradisiacal islands in the best area of CROATIA, in high season, we think that a good way to start dancing, MAMA MARIA is a Medium Cruise , with 19 double passenger cabins and a crew of 7 people..

We want to dance again and share this wonderful and unforgettable experience with you.
What better than a private cruise for our group of tangueros?
Beautiful Mediterranean islands and beaches that can only be reached by boat, dancing outdoors every night on the large and comfortable deck.
A group in which we all know each other enjoying a wonderful climate in the best season to be in the Adriatic Sea. Where we are not only going to enjoy the paradisiacal but also enjoy this wonderful feeling that unites us that is Tango.

We are convinced that this trip is ideal in this particular time that we are going through (Covid-19), that we must be outdoors.

The idea is to dance again safely in a closed group of people who know each other. The classes that we will give will be focused on EL ABRAZO, We believe that it is not the time to get very technical, but to simply flow into dance- this will be the best way to reconnect with our dance and with others during this unforgettable pleasurable trip, a true tango vacation.

The prices are higher than for a normal Tango Holiday because this is a luxurious and unforgettable trip, but a tourist agency’s price would be much higher, this is an exceptional price for a very likely a one-time event.


The cruise is for only 18 couples. Promotional price: € 1190 p/p half board (VALID UNTIL 15/6/2021). After that date the price is € 1390 p/p, and to book you only need € 190 p / p.
The cruise begins and ends in Split, the date is 31-07-2021 until 07-08-202. In case the situation with coronavirus worsens, we will return the money.

It would be great to share this unique experience with you..


"A journey towards the encounter with others, other styles of life, other cultures and, also, a journey towards ourselves"


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