Hello dear Tango lovers, will celebrate its 10th birthday next year, and during the years it has become a important place for the Belgian tango community, with easy access to all the workshops, milongas, classes and a weekly newsletter.

Unfortunately these last months I have had less and less time to update it and reply to emails. It is necessary to change that: the site needs to be up-to-date and in constant evolution. So I realized it is necessary to hand over the site to a new owner.

That’s why I proposed to Boris to take care of from now on. I am very happy to say he has accepted. Boris is not only a tango teacher and social dancer but he also has 15 years of experience as an IT professional, so he understands every aspect of the site and the way it works. I will support him obviously in any way I can.

We hope you will enjoy using the website.
Wishing you a pleasant day,

Peter & Boris

Tango for Life 2015

Stubru’s campaign “Music for Life” has inspired Ivo for the fifth time to organize this year’s Tango For Life. On Saturday 12 Dec, you can come to the charity event, and you can buy the pleasure of dancing with one of the taxi dancers (typically tango teachers and other good dancers). The event takes place in youth centre Zappa, August Leynweg in Antwerp.
On Facebook: newsletter upgraded to v2.0!

Hi everyone,

starting from today 2 Oct, the weekly email newsletter will be sent through the Mailchimp platform. The advantages:
* the newsletter is sent automatically every Friday at 14:00 CET, even if I’m out of the country, working or still asleep. This is the most important aspect for me.
* just like before, the newsletter shows the latest pictures and the agenda
* better detection of mail bouncing (for e.g. old obsolete email addresses)
* subscription and unsubscription is done on the Mailchimp website.
* the layout looks better, I think

For those who are already subscribed, you should have received the first email this afternoon. If you don’t see it, check your spam, ‘Promotions’ or ‘Updates’ folders. Feel free to send me your feedback about layout, content, … at

If you are a (Belgian) tango dancer and you want to get the weekly agenda every Friday:

For tango event organizers: if you want to add your own events, use this page:

For tango schools: add your courses via this page:


Tango classes in Belgium, starting in Sept 2015

The new tango season starts and we have again collected all the tango classes in Belgium. You can browse by region, by day and by level.

Le nouveau saison de tango démarre et nous avons de nouveau regroupé tous les course de tango en Belgique. Vous pouvez consulter par région, par jour et par niveau.

Het nieuwe tango seisoen begint en we hebben opnieuw alle tango lessen op een rijtje gezet. U kan dit raadplegen per regio, per weekdag en per niveau.

El Flaco Dany @ Brussels

Milonga de Mar 2015

Milonga Del Mar

For those of you who like sea, sun and spectacular tango, there is the Milonga Del Mar this Sunday 14 June in Blankenberge. It’s a milonga, sure, but also with demos from Noelia & Carlitos and Maja & Marko, a dinner buffet at 18:30, and for those who arrive early enough (13:30) a workshop with Noelia & Carlitos. The venue is the amazing Belgium Pier, just like the Festivalito Del Mar and Encuentro Del Mar in the last two years. Sonja, Sven and their whole team would love to welcome you.