The Brussels Tango Festival photos

The Tango Paparazzo team has just uploaded the first finished pictures of the Brussels Tango Festival 2014. We’re almost halfway through all the shots. Later on, we will also publish selections from the guest photographers: Claude, Ivo, Jean-Pierre², Nizar, Thomas.

Brussels Tango Festival

Brussels Tango Festival 2014

Brussels Tango Festival 2014

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Brussels Tango Festival: the dress codes

The Brussels Tango Festival starts next week, and this means I will be taking thousands of photos again. One way to keep those photos interesting is by suggesting the dancers to use a dress code for every night. It made for beautiful results the previous years. So here are the themes for this year:
BTF 2014 Dress Themes
Gitana: Carmen meets Serge Bainsbourg, gypsy, folklore, flamenco, wide skirts, bellybuttons, flowers, red, huge earrings

BTF 2014 Dress Themes
Marinero: horizontal stripes, sailor hats, the color marine, captains

BTF 2014 Dress Themes
Fabulous Fifties: Mad Men, red carpet, rboes, broches, pearl earrings

BTF 2014 Dress Themes
Années Folles: (Roaring Twenties) Great Gatsby meets Carlos Gardel, fedora, tiara, jazz & swing, pearl necklaces

BTF 2014 Dress Themes
Pulp Fiction: black suits, white open shirt, facial hair, cowboy style, Smith & Wesson, and crazy stuff

Photos: Milonguita BE -TANGO

New album
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Photos: 10 Reasons to come to the Brussels Tango Festival 2014

New album The 10th anniversary edition
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Update: tango shoes in Belgium

(overview for shoes: tango shoes in Belgium)

I have gotten the question “where can I buy tango shoes in Brussels?” so often these last weeks, that I decided to write an update of this topic. My last post about this was in 2008, when there were fewer brands available here in Belgium. So what are your options:

In Brussels:

De Tango se Trata (Sandrina/Gwen)
Brands: Greta Flora shoes (AR), Madame Pivot shoes (IT), La Garconne dresses (BE)
Online shop: shoes & clothes
Showroom: on tango events
M-O-Tango (Marianne/Olivier)
Brands: Turquoise (TU)
Online shop: shoes
Showroom: every Thursday @ Uccle & on tango events
Tangueria (Marisa/Oliver)
Brands: Bandolera (IT)
Showroom: during Tangueria classes/milongas @ Jette
Dance World
Brands: Nueva Epoca (DE), PAOUL (IT)
Showroom: everyday @ Brussels (Bourse)

In Antwerp:

Brands: Nueva Epoca (DE)
Showroom: everyday @ Antwerp
Brands: Darcos (AR)
Showroom: everyday @ Antwerp
Brands: Nueva Epoca (DE)
Online shop: shoes
Showroom: everyday @ Lier

if you have more suggestions, let me know on peter (at)!