Wanted: dancers for Diego’s new tango movie

Nosotros (2002) Some of you might know, but Diego Martinez Vignatti, famous for Nosotros (2002) and La Marea (2007), is making a new movie: “La chanteuse de tango“. In this movie there is one big milonga scene, and it will be shot right here in Brussels. And for this scene, Diego is still looking for tango dancers.

So, if you would like to be part of the movie, feel like dressing up and dancing for two(!) days while being treated like a movie star, don’t hesitate and make yourself available on Saturday March 15th (12-22h) and Sunday March 16th (14-20h).

Diego Martinez Vignatti Also present will be: Bruno Todeschini, Eugenia Ramírez Miori, Pieter Embrechts, Jean Louis Leclercq and the singer Alfredo Piro with the Hernán Ruiz Trío. It will truly be a unique experience!

If you want to participate or need some more info: tango.nosotros@gmail.com or GSM 0475-489511.

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  2. Quels sont les horaires de présence nécessaire pour le 15 et 16 mars?

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