Tango Toppers: Rodolfo Biagi

Number three in our series of Tango Toppers: Rodolfo Biagi.

Rodolfo Alberto Biagi was born in the Buenos Aires district of San Telmo on March 14, 1906 to Sixto & Ana Maria Gil Landaburu. At the age 13 he graduated from the Conservatory de la Prensa where he had originally studied to be a concert violinist but gradually had converted to the piano. After earning his first money accompanying the silent films (from the piano keyboard) shown at the Colon cinema he was invited by the legendary Juan “Pacho” Maglio to play in his orchestra at barely 15 years of age, sharing the lectern with the celebrated viloinist Elvino Vadaro.

His top ‘hit’ is “Lagrimas y Sonrisas”, a tango vals you probably know.

The rest of the top 10 is as follows:

#1 Lagrimas Y Sonrisas 3090
#2 Adoracion 135
#3 El Entrerriano 113
#4 El Recodo 76
#5 Picante 63
#6 Union Civica 57
#7 Golgota 57
#8 Campo Afuera 54
#9 Cicatrices 47
#10 Racing Club 38