Tango Toppers: Carlos Di Sarli

Today’s Tango Topper is Carlo Di Sarli.

Carlos Di Sarli (January 7, 1903 – January 12, 1960) was an Argentine tango musician, orchestra leader, composer and pianist. Before starting his own tango orchestra, he played in Osvaldo Fresedo’s orchestra. He developed smooth, clean-sounding, powerful arrangements which his Orquesta típica and recorded 27 albums and 512 recordings are reported. His music is widely used by learner dancers because of its easy, danceable sound, and is played regularly in milongas for social tango dancing.

And what is the Top 10 of Di Sarli’s songs people listen to on last.fm (#1 and #2 are actually the same song):

#1 Bahia Blanca (instrumental) 880
#2 Bahia Blanca 521
#3 Don Juan 232
#4 A La Gran Muñeca 227
#5 Champagne Tango 209
#6 Comme Il Faut 205
#7 El Amanecer 202
#8 El Ingeniero 193
#9 La Cumparsita 177
#10 Organito De La Tarde 166
#11 Milonguero Viejo 145