Photos: Patio de tango open air milonga

Patio de Bouche à Oreille

The summer is spoiling us, not only does the sun feel mediterranean, but we have a new open-air milonga in Brussels that allows us to enjoy it even more. Nosotros (Eugenia & Diego) have started their weekly “Patio de tango” event at the Bouche à Oreille (Etterbeek). During the summer months, every Thursday: drinks, food and tango. The actual dancing is semi-inside, so if a rain cloud decides to pass by, that poses no problem. There are also a bunch of heavy-duty fans (ventilators) and they were put to very good use yesterday. Dancing was really nice, and as a cherry on the cake, I got to dance milonga with Eugenia. I’ll sure be back!

Nosotros presents: Patio de tango

Patio de Bouche à Oreille Patio de Bouche à Oreille Patio de Bouche à Oreille

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