Choose your own picture for a personal calendar!

We have decided to replace the December photo by another one, and to make things even more creative, we let you choose your own picture for your own calendar! That’s right, you can pick any picture out of my Tango archive and we will print it and make December 2010 your own personal month!
Get your personal calendar
Do you have one particular picture of you with your loved one, with your favourite dance partner, or that one picture that always makes you smile? A picture that you know would make a great gift for someone special? Order the calendar online and specify which picture it is. Within the week it will be in your hands!
To make it more interesting for you to order online: we did an effort and brought the price to 16€ so that with the 4€ shipping it still costs only 20€. Buying two or more calendars has of course become even more affordable!