Photos: Cafe de los Maestros

I took the liberty of taking some pictures at the Cafe de Los Maestros concert.
Cafe de Los Maestros @ Brussels
The concert was excellent, it showed that age has no power over passion and skill.
This is the impression of Anna Jenkinson:

Never before have I seen or heard so much joy during a performance in the Bozar concert hall. The showmanship of one of the pianists, who finished his pieces with flamboyant flourishes and winked at the audience as if to share a joke, caused the house to burst out with laughter. World champion tango dancers Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa added a ‘wow’ effect, as they impressed with their passionate dancing and daring kicks. And as soloist Juan Carlos Godoy shuffled onto stage, he had won over the audience’s hearts before he even started to sing.

Cafe de Los Maestros @ Brussels Cafe de Los Maestros @ Brussels
I don’t think the dancing style of Daniel and Cristina was liked excessively by the tangueros present, but there was certainly a ‘wow effect’, even if it was just “Wow, only one inch lower and that would have really hurt”.

One thought on “Photos: Cafe de los Maestros

  1. It was magnificent.
    For me the singer Godoy was the star.

    why did the maestros of the 40′ and 50′, who’ve been playing in many many famous orchestras, mostly play Piazolla?
    As if Pugliese, Di Sarli, Troilo, Calo … and so on, never excisted?
    Only a few traditional tangos for the singers, and of course the cumparsita.
    EVERY orchestra of tango, even classic ensembles in Europe play Piazolla.
    Why? To please the audience?

    why not an older dancing couple of Buenos Aires, matching the orchestra?
    Will they wait till they are all deceased?

    What a missed chance!

    It was magnificent, but I expected something completely different of
    “Cafe de los maestros de tango.”

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