Most loved pictures of 2010: call to action favourite pictures 2010
I have published a lot of pictures on this site in the last year and even I am curious to know which ones you liked most. So I did the following: I took all the pictures in the favourite tango pictures album, counted the number of views, comments and favourites and ranked the highest ones. But 2010 is not finished yet! So you can still influence the scores!

Here’s what you can do:

  • check the photos
  • if you like a photo, click on the thumbnail to see it in full (and: the ‘views’ score goes up)
  • if you really like a picture, add a comment on the bottom, or make it a favourite with the star button on the top left (you will need a free Flickr/Yahoo account to log in). Remember, comments and favourites have more weight than just a view!!
  • if you think a picture that is not in the favourite tango pictures, but it totally deserves to be, let me know in the comments of the photo!
  • So this is your chance if you still want to let your vote count!
    Right after New Year 2010-2011 I will publish the top 30 pictures of 2010!

    For now, while there are still ample days left in 2010, these are the Top 9 pictures, based on views, comments and favorites.