Photos: Marathon del Chocolate

This weekend saw the first edition of the Brussels Marathon del Chocolate. Sidar, Andrej and a busload of friendly volunteers made it a smooth, cosy and welcoming couple of days. DJs from all over Europe, and dancers from all over the world came together for dozens of hours of dance pleasure and here and there even a couple of hours of sleep.

Organizing an event of that size takes a lot of work, and taking care of hundreds of small and big details. The organizers can take credit for getting most of those details right the first time. The chocolate theme gave the marathon its own clear identity, and through the pre- and after-party there was interaction with the Belgian local crowd, so that new friendships could be born.

I was there to take pictures, under my ‘Tango Paparazzo‘ alter ego. It was nice to see a lot of friends back, dancers, photographers, nice people. With experience of several marathons in the past, I can say: this was a good one!

My photos can be found on Marathon del Chocolate, and for those of you who have Facebook, also check out: